Our specialty is quick problem solving, value-engineering, and design / build solutions. These three key ingredients, combined with an extremely talented and goal-oriented staff, have become our baseline and mission within our organization. Our standards are very high. Committed to a strong start and a strong finish, we never sacrifice quality.

Restaurant Consulting

Increase the bottom-line, plain and simple. Our restaurant consulting is focused on profits, reducing costs, & improving operational execution. Via a comprehensive assessment, we will analyze the financial performance as well as the operational execution to develop an action plan you can execute, with or without our assistance, to increase profits – guaranteed. This covers the critical check points inside the four walls – revenue / sales levels, prime costs (costs of goods and labor), menu management, occupancy costs, breakeven analysis, training & hiring, and evaluations of all levels of management and front line employees. Regardless of your segment (upscale, casual dining, QSR), you will know how your restaurant compares and what it needs to do to perform with the best.

The long-term profitability and growth of your company is determined by the quality of the customer experience you provide. We provide: field audit reporting, franchise compliance, customer satisfaction data, and mystery shopping. Better customer data will yield better results creating a consistent guest experiences at all key touch points, thereby improving satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Top tier brands, both corporate and franchise systems, recognize the direct link between creating a designed consistent customer experience with value then generating loyalty with ensuing advocacy and revenue. Your brand must consistently execute the designed systems, process, and interfaces that deliver the designed experience including service, product quality, cleanliness, facility and asset maintenance, brand identity, graphics/signage compliance, and marketing and customer loyalty/frequency programs.

Brand performance is critical and everything your must reinforce who you are as a company. CDC develops operational plans utilizing proven systems and standards to increase management effectiveness and create brand interfaces and touch points, including: operational procedures (handbooks & service manuals, standards and operational checklist, and policies & procedures), branding exercises, point of purchase, space design, and manpower planning.

Is your business ready for growth? We assess your current business to determine if the brand’s market place coupled with its systems and process are mature for expansion. Further, CDC provides analysis on which vehicle is right for you: private equity, franchise formats (area development to market partner), or corporate cash flow.

CDC networks to cull proven industry leaders (from general managers to chief operating officer) who will drive your company towards its goals. Our process is about quality not volume of candidates. Engaged on a contingency basis, our steps involve job description review, position expectation discovery via hiring manager interviews, job profile creation and interview process coordination. In addition, we offer advice on selection and suitable benefit packages that fit departmental budgets.


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